Pet Pain Management

If possible, we never want our beloved patients to experience pain. Our pain management services can help. 

Our Pain Management Services in Topeka, KS

Our utmost priority at Stone House Animal Hospital is pain management for your pet. This level of optimum patient care sets us apart from other hospitals. However, it also presents us with a challenge, as pets are very good at hiding their pain. If you’re concerned that your furry friend may be in pain, consider giving our hospital a visit

Reducing Pet Pain

Pain Management Tools

We proudly offer our patients the latest pain management tools – lasers! We currently have two different lasers: the surgical laser and the therapeutic laser. Each provides us with the ability to decrease pain in your pet! See the Therapeutic Laser and Surgical laser pages for additional information.

Pain Medication

Pain medications are a requirement in our hospital for every surgical procedure, and pets in pain are also given pain medications during examinations. We promise to do all we can to keep your furry friend comfortable.