About Stone House Animal Hospital in Topeka, KS

We’re proud to be an animal hospital in Topeka, KS, and serve our amazing patients and their families. Read below to learn more about our story!

Stone House Animal Hospital Story

Stone House Animal Hospital was established by the founders, Dr. Darrell Carder and his wife, Gail, on December 6, 2002. Initially, Stone House operated as a 24-hour veterinary hospital focused on providing your precious pet with the tailored care they deserve, no matter what time it was, and without extra fees.

As our hospital continued to establish itself in the Topeka, KS, area, its healthcare model shifted to a “walk-in” only practice. By focusing on convenience for patients and clients alike, our new model helped expand our client base drastically. As our hospital’s client base grew, our in-house team expanded to bring our caring, highly-qualified staff aboard.

Our incredible team at the Stone House Animal Hospital prides itself on delivering world-class pet care and support to all patients. From our building, designed to minimize anxiety in dogs stemming from storms or loud noises, to the around-the-clock supervision from our veterinary staff, your pet’s quality of life comes first and foremost. We love our patients and their families!