Veterinary Surgery Services

We provide every kind of soft-tissue surgery available, with safety and comfort as our top priorities.


Our Pet Surgery Services in Topeka, KS

As a pet owner, it can be a difficult and stressful time when your furry friend needs to undergo surgery. Whether it’s for a routine procedure or an emergency, you want to make sure that your pet is receiving the best possible care. This is where the expertise of a veterinary surgeon comes into play. A veterinary surgeon is a highly trained medical professional who specializes in performing surgery on animals. At Stone House Animal Hospital, we have a team of veterinary surgeons who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to your pet.

When your pet requires surgery, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what will happen both before and after the procedure. Our team will provide you with all of the necessary information, including what to do the night before the surgery, such as withholding food, and a full schedule for the day of the procedure. We understand this can be a confusing and anxious time for you and your pet; we strive to make the process as straightforward as possible.

One of the most important parts of pet surgery is the pre-operative evaluation. This is where we assess your pet’s overall health and determine whether they are a good candidate for the procedure. If your pet requires anesthesia, we will perform blood work to make sure that they are healthy enough to undergo the surgery. This is an important step in ensuring the safety of your pet and the success of the procedure.

At Stone House Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing the best possible care to your pet. Our team of veterinary surgeons has extensive experience in performing a wide range of animal surgeries, including routine procedures, such as spaying and neutering, as well as more complex surgeries. We understand that every pet is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to veterinary surgery, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of each individual animal.

If you’re in need of pet surgery near you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of veterinary surgeons is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to your pet, ensuring their health and well-being. We understand the trust that you place in us when you bring your pet to us for surgery, and we take that responsibility very seriously. With our expertise in animal surgery, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands at Stone House Animal Hospital.

Pet Surgery at Stone House


At Stone House Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to your pet during surgical procedures. Our experienced team of veterinary professionals offers a wide range of surgical services, including spaying, and neutering, as well as foreign body removal, cystotomy, and mass removal.

To ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during surgery, we use the latest monitoring equipment, including electrocardiography, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure monitoring, to keep a close eye on your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure. Our team of highly trained veterinary professionals will be by your pet’s side, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the operating room.

Once the surgery is complete, we will immediately contact you to let you know that your pet is out of surgery and to provide you with all the information you need to bring your furry friend home. We understand that this can be a stressful time for you, which is why we are committed to providing you with clear, concise information and answering any questions you may have.

In addition to the initial surgery, we may also schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your pet’s recovery and ensure that the healing process is going well. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your pet, from the initial consultation through the postoperative period and beyond. Whether you’re in need of spaying or neutering, or more complex surgery, you can trust the team at Stone House Animal Hospital to provide the highest standard of care to your pet.

Anesthesia and Your Pet

At our hospital, we understand that the thought of your pet undergoing anesthesia can be worrying. Rest assured, we take every necessary precaution to minimize the risks associated with the procedure.

Before administering anesthesia, our veterinary team will conduct a thorough examination of your pet, including listening to their heart and lungs, taking their temperature, and performing pre-anesthetic blood work. Blood tests are crucial in determining a safe and customized anesthesia protocol specifically for your pet. Although the risk of anesthesia can’t be completely eliminated, the tailored protocol helps us ensure the safety of your pet, especially senior patients undergoing surgical procedures.

During the procedure, our team uses heart rate and oxygen saturation monitors to closely monitor your pet’s well-being. We firmly believe that pets should not be discharged from the hospital until they have fully regained consciousness. Our staff closely supervises post-operative patients, providing prompt medical attention if any issues arise.

If you have any concerns or anxieties about anesthesia, please do not hesitate to inform our staff, and we will be happy to address them.

Surgical Protocols

At Stone House Animal Hospital, we believe that every pet deserves to live a life free from pain and discomfort. Our surgical protocols are designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.

Before any surgical procedure, all patients undergo pre-anesthetic blood work to assess their organ function. This information is crucial in determining a customized anesthetic protocol that minimizes the risks involved. Despite the inherent risks of anesthesia, tailored protocols and blood analysis improve its safety, even for senior patients undergoing procedures to enhance their quality of life.

Pain management is of the utmost importance to us. All surgical patients receive injectable pain medication prior to the procedure to ensure they don’t awaken in pain and are sent home with oral pain medication.

For more information on our surgical protocols and pain management philosophy, please visit our pain management page.