Pet Dental Care

Regular dental cleanings and brushings can help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and prevent potential health issues.
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Our Pet Dental Cleanings in Topeka, KS

As a responsible pet owner, it is essential to ensure that your furry friends receive regular dental care from a pet dentist, including cat and dog teeth cleaning, to maintain their oral health. Neglecting your pet’s dental health can lead to severe health issues, such as kidney and heart damage, just like in humans. That is why it’s crucial to find a trusted veterinary dentist near you to provide top-notch veterinary dental services for your pets.

At Stone House Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of pet dental care, and we offer a wide range of services to help keep your furry friend’s teeth clean and healthy. Our veterinary dentist is highly experienced and uses the latest technology to provide comprehensive dental care to cats and dogs.

We prioritize the safety and comfort of your pet during all procedures, including cat and dog teeth cleaning. That’s why we conduct pre-anesthetic blood work to tailor the anesthesia to each patient’s individual needs. This helps to reduce the risk of complications and ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the procedure.

Once your pet is anesthetized, our veterinary dentist will thoroughly clean their teeth, removing any tartar or plaque buildup that may have accumulated. We carefully examine the teeth and gums to determine if any extractions are necessary. Only after the teeth are cleaned can we determine the extent of any required dental work.

Our veterinary dentist also polishes your pet’s teeth to remove any small scratches that may have occurred during the cleaning process, leaving your pet’s teeth shining bright. To help prevent infection and reduce inflammation, we administer an antibiotic injection and an anti-inflammatory injection after every dental procedure.

If you’re looking for a trusted veterinary dentist to provide cat and dog dental care, look no further than Stone House Animal Hospital. Our veterinary dentist is highly experienced and uses the latest technology to provide top-notch veterinary dental services for your pets. We prioritize the safety and comfort of your pet during all procedures, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that your furry friend receives the best possible dental care. Book an appointment today and give your pet the gift of a healthy smile!

Dental Care for Your Pet

Signs Your Pet Has Dental Disease
  • Bad breath
  • Red, not pink, gums
  • Facial swelling
  • Yellow or brownish buildup on teeth
  • No longer eager to eat regular food
Dental Extractions

The method of dental extraction utilized by our doctors is determined by the severity of the damage and the type of tooth being removed. Larger teeth require a more delicate approach to avoid damage to the surrounding bone and the formation of painful, non-healing holes.

To minimize such risks, our doctors perform surgical extractions or section the tooth before extraction. By taking this approach, they are able to reduce the damage to the surrounding bone and tissue, resulting in a less painful procedure for the patient. This also helps to minimize the amount of healing time required post-extraction.

Pain Medications

At Stone House Animal Hospital, we prioritize the comfort and well-being of our patients. To ensure a comfortable and pain-free recovery following any procedure requiring extractions, our patients are given pain medication immediately after the surgery. Additionally, they are provided with medications to take home.

We believe that annual dental cleanings and quality pain management are essential components of providing the highest level of care for our patients. By emphasizing preventative care and effectively managing any discomfort that may arise, we can help our patients maintain optimal dental health and overall wellness.

True or False?

Q. Oral hygiene isn’t essential for my pet.
A. FALSE. Keeping up with regular dental cleanings and tooth brushing for your pet can promote a healthy mouth and prevent serious heart and kidney issues that could be life-threatening. By sticking to a routine cleaning schedule, you can also reduce the likelihood of needing expensive tooth extractions.

Q. Cats don’t need dental care.
A. FALSE. Smaller dog breeds and cats typically need greater attention to their dental health compared to larger dog breeds.

Q. Dentals are not worth the risk or expense for senior patients.
A. FALSE. At Stone House Animal Hospital, we prioritize ensuring that pets of any age maintain a pain-free and healthy mouth. Our hospital provides additional support for geriatric surgeries and dental care, as we firmly believe that age should not be a factor that causes pets to suffer needlessly.

Q. By age three, most pets have some degree of dental disease.
A. TRUE. Typically, by the age of three, many pets develop some degree of tartar buildup. Whether or not a dental cleaning is necessary depends on the severity of the buildup. Starting regular dental care as soon as possible is crucial for maintaining your furry friend’s oral health and reducing the risk of discomfort.